We asked our Female Strippers in Queensland and Female Showgirls in Sydney what it is actually like to be a Professional Female Stripper in Australia. Here is what they shared with us at Sarah Ashley, home of Australia’s Hottest Female Strippers.

4 Secrets: What It Is Actually Like To Be A Stripper. At Sarah Ashley, we are proud to showcase over 300 professional female strippers for your entertainment and we are passionate about hearing the stories and sharing their experiences with you.

The following are short stories we have gathered from our Female Strippers about what it is actually like to work as an Australian Female Stripper and Topless Waitress.


A: Even If You Enjoy Stripping It Is Not Easy To Talk About It.

One of our entertainers shared with us that their parents were cool with her being a stripper and that she had been to clubs where their parents had watched them dance.

Another one of our entertainers shared with us that some of their friends and family have mixed opinions considering what they do as a female adult entertainer to be dangerous and “cheap” which makes it hard to talk about.

A: For the right person, stripping can be an incredible career.

“If you are strong and confident and feel good about your body and don’t let others influence you, then I’d definitely recommend the job.”

Many of the Female Strippers at Sarah Ashley started performing before they turned 20.  They say that a career as Female Stripper in Australia suits women who are comfortable performing on stage and are head-strong never losing a grip on reality, who can confidently manage their finances because you earn a lot of money in this industry.

A: Every performance is a new experience.

“The validation is enormous. You’re constantly told how great you look, how well you can dance, and how beautiful your body is. Some people fall in love with me during one of my strip shows and they continue to book me which is really humbling”.

“As a Female Stripper you come into contact with a lot of strange characters and need an unbelievable amount of self-confidence because sometimes you can experience a lot of rejection. Everything is reduced to your body. Remember rejection is not personal.”

A: As a female stripper, you are more than a dancer.

“Because I had a boyfriend, I quickly ruled out getting intimate with guests. Before then, I performed for two or three men who I found attractive and I loved the experience.”

“I found Strippers and their sense of confidence and freedom on stage to be both liberating and cool, so I wanted to do it.”

“As a Female Stripper I have learnt to be come an event host, an event planner as well as a Waitress and Poker Dealer. It has been great developing additional skills which further adds to my experiences as an entertainer when I am booked for private events.”

At Sarah Ashley we have over 300 Female Strippers who are passionate and love to entertain at all types of events in Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland and surrounding suburbs.

Sarah Ashley is proud to represent over 300 Female Strippers in Australia who are not only naturally beautiful with incredible personalities, but are also experienced in all types of events, professionally trained providing quality entertainment.

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