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Lingerie / Bikini Waitress

Enjoy getting served by our beautiful ladies dressed to impress in sexy lingerie or bikinis

Topless Waitress

Yes please!!! What could be better than relaxing well? Our lovely ladies serve drinks to you and your friends topless!!!

Progressive Waitressing

Mix it up a little bit! 1h Lingerie, 1h Topless, 1h Nude

Nude Waitress

Nude waitress – It does not have to be your birthday for these ladies to get into their birthday suit!!

Female Lap Dances

More of a lap dance kind of guy? Pre-book Lap Dances from our Topless waitresses. Only available when booking waitress services.


G String Show

The entertainer of your choice will perform a (15 Min) show down to a g-string. Suitable for mixed crowds

Single R Rated Show

Looking for something wild but not too wild? Enjoy our models while they perform a Full Nude Strip (15min)

Single xxx Rated Show

Not only our entertainer will bare all but toys come out to play, too. And not the ones you find at the play ground, guys!! This sizzling hot show goes for 20min.

Single XXX Rated Deluxe

Ok boys, brace yourselves. This show cannot be missed. Looking for something a little bit longer but not too long? Enjoy 30 mins of raunchy XXX Rated fun.

Single XXX Rated Deluxe

Ok boys, brace yourselves. This show can not be missed. Looking for something a little bit longer but not too long? Enjoy 30 mins of raunchy XXX Rated fun.

XXX Rated Double Lesbian Show

You don’t need to pinch yourself boys. This is for real!!! Make this a night you won’t forget!!!
Two of our hot sexy girls performing a duo full nude strip. Spicing it up with 4 different size vibes and lots of girl on girl action. Be prepared for group participation!! (30 Min)

XXX Spot Spot Double Lesbian Show

For the man who wants his cake and eat it, too!!
Here you can have it all. Two beautiful ladies performing two individual erotic shows for 15 minutes each.
Followed by a X Rated 20 min show involving the girls’ favourite toys!!!
This show is not to be missed!! (includes 4 Vibes double-ender) (50min)

Vibe Vibe Double Vibe XX Ultimate Lesbian Extravaganza

Alright boys, you cant get any better then this. Wild is an understatement! Both models provide a full nude xxx rated toy show each for 20 min followed by an erotic double lesbian toy show with more toys than in a kid’s toy box. (Includes strap-on and double-ender) Not to be missed (most popular) (60 mins)

Fruit & Veg Extreme Deluxe Plus

For all you vegans and vegetarians: This is your show! Vibes, Cucumbers, Carrots and don’t forget the forbidden fruits. (40 mins of madness) Sarah Ashley is the only NSW agent providing this show

Anal Deluxe XXXX Plus Extreme Show:

Just the show every man desires!

Look no further, boys! Finally we have a girl who loves every aspect of what she does and knows:
How to play out every man’s fantasy. This 50 min show extravaganza will feature all the fun and pizzaz of a Deluxe Plus with tricks, props and a selection of dildos to boot.

This show will require participation from the buck’s best man and honored members of the event.

But wait! Don’t forget the surprise signature mind blowing anal finale with a bonus double penetration.

She is ready, but are you???

Show routines and toys are subject to change depending on models.

Please enquire to receive our full Show List and Price Guide

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