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VIC Packages

Girl​ ​Meets​ ​Girl

Captivating, full nude striptease by 2 of your favourite models. Followed by a jaw-dropping girl-on-girl XXX-Rated Show.

Two of our stunning ladies will take the stage to perform a thrilling full nude show for 10-12 minutes each. Then the showstopper! The girls will turn on each other in a double XXX-rated lesbian show for 30 minutes.

Hmm, which toys should the girls use from our enticing collection?

Cost: $800

Lesbians​ ​Unleashed

Two flawless models strutting their stuff as they serve food and drinks…topless. (3 hours).

Steamy Double XXX Show that is not for lightweights. Sexy topless models will serve you food and drinks, turning heads along the way (duration of 3 hours).

Now it’s time to get the party started. Our models will let go and leave nothing to the imagination as they pleasure each other right in front of the crowd.

Watch as they engage in a 45-minute lesbian show. Pearls, double-enders, vibes…it’s all fair game in this raunchy review.

Take your pick of the bunch and choose your favourite girls for the event.

Cost: $1538.00

The Sunday Session Hang Over Package 3H

OHHH the dreadful hang over!

Just when you think the party is over…think again.

Rise and shine with one of our Sexy Topless Waitresses arriving at your desired time.

Let our model pamper you with tits on toast for breakfast. Maybe a good old hair of the dog, too?

Breakfast service for all the boys and even help with the clean-up duties.

But wait! Just when you thought everything was clean, everything gets a bit dirty again.

Our sexy model will provide you with a X rated toy show for 20 min leaving you speechless.

Cost: $620

Nice​ ​and​ ​Naughty

Start nice with 2 Topless Waitresses that are sure to turn heads as they serve your guests (3 hours).

Then get a bit naughty with a scandalous XXX performance… She’ll bring her toy box, boys! Two topless beauties of your choice will serve up all the goodies at your event, for a duration of 3 hours, priming your audience for more naughty fun.

Ever wonder how these gorgeous girls get down in their very own bedrooms? A 20 min performance by one of our stunners will leave little to the imagination… including which toys are her favourite.

Pick your models of choice to be the stars of this incredible night!

Cost: $1088

XXX​ ​Lesbians​ ​Gone​ ​Wild

When you need to go all out and only the best will do: 3 hours of Topless Waitressing, starring 3 of our gorgeous models.

An HOUR of mind blowing Girl-on-Girl action. Three girls and three hours of our sexiest topless waitressing. Kick back and relax as you enjoy drinks served up by the hottest girls around.

Two girls will each perform a 30-minute, choreographed strip routine that will seem to top
the evening off.

But then it’s go time, boys… 30 minutes of XXX girl-on-girl lesbian madness that your mates will be talking about for years to come.

Vibrators, pearls and double enders top this evening off like no other. Choose from our line-up of stunning ladies.

Cost: $1300

Custom Packages Available

Don’t think you can handle our X​ Rated Shows? We have a selection of R​ Rated Shows available and lingerie waitresses too.

If you’ve got something specific in mind, please give us a call on 0467 505 604.

Terms & Conditions:

All Package Rates are based on Metro Areas only. Other areas may incur a travel fee. Selection of our Entertainers depends on location, time and date of your event. All add-ons are subject to availability. Show routines and toys are subject to change depending on models.

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