Getting into the Adult Entertainment Industry requires a lot of preparation and one of the key features of a Female Stripper is their name. Are you ready to discover your stripper name with Sarah Ashley?

Choosing Your Stripper Name. What Is Yours? At Sarah Ashley we know that a lot of thought goes into choosing your stripper name. Your stripper name must draw the attention of your target clients and sound pleasing and attractive – but be simple to remember.

In the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry picking the perfect stripper name could be your ticket to a successful career and your new name will become the most remembered name by your clients before they see you perform.

Your stripper name becomes your identity so it is important that your name represents who you are as a person and your personality, being sure to keep your personal life off-stage and away from your clients who book you as a Female Stripper in Australia.

Here are our tips to help you choose the best Stripper Name for you:

1. Check out the Sarah Ashley Female Strippers and their names.

The first step, is to get a feel of the stripper names that are common, so that you can steer clear of creating a similar (or the same) name.

Some strippers use a stage name which is close to a real name. Not only does this keep clients from asking for your real name, but it also sounds more personal.

Playful stage names, on the other hand, may sound more witty and interesting. You may use a mix of both to act as a first name and a second name.

Another reason why it is important to check out other Sydney Strippers and Queensland Strippers is to find out if anyone already has a stripper name that is similar to what you have in mind. Avoid choosing names that rhyme or sound like other stripper names.

2. Choose a name that suits your personality!

We recommend you make a list of all your qualities as a person that makes you unique and perhaps what your personality will be as your “alter-ego”.

You can also choose based on names commonly used in the genre of music you would want to dance to. Is it classic, romantic songs, pop, country, or hip hop?

Your stripper name can also be based on the image you want to project. Is it sweet like Sugar, Candy, or Cupcake, or wild like Daredevil, Storm, or Tiger?

Befriend the dictionary or thesaurus because you might get ideas from there!

3. Try-On your new Female Stripper name.

Once you have made a list and narrowed it down, try to test out the names first.

Even if you have already chosen one and even consider asking a few friends to call you by that name to see if you feel comfortable with the name and it resonates with you.

You can also look into the mirror and call yourself by your chosen name before heading out for work. This helps in getting used to your new name and awakening your newfound identity as an Australian Female Stripper or Australian Showgirl in the Adult Industry.

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