Some of the best and most exhilarating times of your life is when you’re stuck between passion, excitement and anticipation. And this is exactly where you’ll be when you’re getting (or giving!) a lap dance.

The lights, the ambiance and feeling good about how you look are all promising starts to what is sure to be an unforgettable night. But the one thing that is key to a good lap dance is picking the right music. And thankfully, we’ve been blessed by some sensual, bass-dropping, heart-thumping music across the genres.

Sarah Ashley — aside from having some of the most stunning strippers in Melbourne and across Australia — has a list of some of our favourite tunes to get down and dirty to.

Naughty Girl / Partition – Beyoncé

You can never go wrong with Queen Bey. Both these songs aren’t too slow but have a fun beat to get some body rolls and booty shaking in. The words and tune call for giving your partner undivided attention — giving them the chance to revel in your beauty.

Pony – Ginuwine

In the 1990s, R&B music started to get much more straightforward, with artists — from Usher to Silk and many more — using very explicit lyrics to talk about what they wanted. That’s how we got one of these all-timers by Ginuwine. A sultry tune accompanied by sultrier words; Pony is definitely one for the lap dancing books.

Bed – Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande

Arguably one of pop music’s most iconic duos. This song is perfect for a fun and flirty lap dance.

I Put a Spell on You/ Crazy in Love — 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack

There’s a reason this book topped best seller lists around the world. And fortunately, the soundtrack for the motion picture of the same title included some steamy songs. We’ve picked two of our favourites that are guaranteed to put anyone in the mood for some dark and dangerous fun.

Fade – Kanye West

For something a bit more eccentric, like the man himself, Kanye’s Fade is not your typical lap dance music. But its heavy bass will be sure to produce some eye-catching moves that’ll grip your partner’s attention.

Drop it Like it’s Hot – Snoop Dog & Pharrell Williams

Drop it like it’s hot is perfect for some classic fun. A great song to get in some twerks and drops for a performance that is sure to impress anyone watching.

If you’re craving a lap dance or wanting to see how these songs would fare for yourself, get in touch with Sarah Ashley to book a night with some of the hottest strippers in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else around Australia. Curate your own playlist and watch our girls turn up the heat at any event with their sensual lap dances.




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