If you haven’t met our saucy strippers before, you might be wondering what your evening with them will be like. Whether you’re the Buck, or a member of the Bucks party, at a Sarah Ashley bucks event you’ll make memories that’ll stay with you for a very long time. We know that you want to have an amazing night, so there’s a few things you and your mates can do to make sure everyone gets the most out of a Sarah Ashley experience.

You’re going to see the most beautiful women strut their stuff before your eyes, performing things you’ve only imagined in your wildest fantasies. Make the effort to show these ladies how appreciative you are of their services, and you’ll be treated like a king.

Show us respect and you’ll be rewarded

Our strippers, dancers and topless waitresses are here to bring your desires to life and entertain you with an incredible range of services, but it’s important to remember that they’re people, too, and they want to showcase their talents in a fun, respectful environment. This means we encourage you to look sharp and suave, have a sense of humour, and only use your hands when you’re invited to – unless it’s to reach for your drink! We know you’re out for a rowdy night, but our ladies think it’s much sexier when the man they’re performing for isn’t a complete mess from having drunk too much, too fast. Besides, how will you get the most of our exotic and erotic performances if you’re passed out on the couch?!

Being respectful, showing interest in them, and complimenting their performances will go a long way to building an exciting connection. We guarantee that being a class act will encourage your personal entertainer to put on their very best show for you.

Trust that our ladies will make your Buck’s night memorable

Our strippers and adult entertainers are professionals and know all the tricks to drive you and your Bucks wild. They’re here to entertain you and help you celebrate your last few moments of being single in sexy style.

Want to find out more about our cheeky services, or make enquiry about our Buck’s boat parties? Speak with us on 0467 505 604, or send an enquiry to info@sarahashely.com.au. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Bring Your Event To Life