Have you been put in charge of party entertainment for your best friend’s buck’s night? Are you heading up a corporate event and feel stuck for ideas on entertainment? Have you thought of hiring strippers but then backtracked because you haven’t done it before?

Don’t worry! It’s not as stressful as it sounds and in most cases it’s actually simple, straightforward, and always a massive hit with the crowd. Let Sarah Ashley walk you through some simple steps you can take to hire a stripper for your next event.

Make Sure You Are Prepared for Your Stripper to Arrive

You’re usually paying for your stripper for a set amount of time. To make the most out of your money, you should be prepared for the stripper to come in and have an easy transition to starting the show. This could be as simple as clearing the space so there’s room to move or even creating a designated dressing area. If you have a guest of honour, you can prepare by making sure you get props like a middle chair or a crown or whatever else might suit their fancy.

Treat Your Stripper with Respect

While all strippers are there to ensure you and your guests have the night of their lives, it doesn’t excuse any untoward behaviour. There’s simple stripper etiquette like not making sexual requests, and not asking for their personal phone number or real name. If you’re unsure, simply ask your stripper if something is permissible. It would be good if you could take the time beforehand to set limitations on how far you would like the strip performance to go, and what kind if dancing you like, or even if you have a preferred song choice.

Know Your Audience/Guests

Usually when you go with a stripper agency, you’ll be spoilt for choice — from the many different stunning and unique ladies, to the type of show they can put on for you. Have a browse through the services to find one that will best engage your audience. If you know that your audience isn’t ready for the full experience, maybe opt for a lap dance from a topless waitress instead of a full-on xxx show.

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As one of the best stripper agencies in Australia, Sarah Asley makes the process of hiring a stripper for any event simple and effortless. Have a browse on our website, figure out which show or stripper you’d like at your event, and give us a call on 04 675 05 604. Our friendly customer care representative will be more than happy to guide you through the entire process.

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