Questions To Ask When You Hire A Female Stripper For Your Party

Questions To Ask When You Hire A Female Stripper For Your Party. We find that many men search for Bachelor Party Strippers online and find ads posted by independent strippers or disorganised agents who offer terrible service and poor entertainment at very high costs, which ultimately makes for a poor experience. They end up paying hidden costs or may receive a show that is not worth what was paid.

At Sarah Ashley, we are a reputable adult entertainment agency.

We encourage you to ask these questions:

1. What is the total rate for the adult entertainment I am booking?

Some agencies offer several services. 

For example, you may want to hire a stripper for a general striptease and for a private dance with your soon-to-be-married friend (the Bachelor). Rates may be flat or billed on a per-hour basis. Also, you will want to ask if the agency requires security guards and bills extra for that.

At Sarah Ashley, our pricing is transparent and all fees quoted include everything. This means no hidden surprises.

2. Are the strippers on the website the ones I will see?

Many agencies have photos of their strippers on their website.

You may be able to select a specific stripper or multiple dancers. Beware of agencies without photos of the actual strippers. Some people pay a discounted rate to an agency that sends women who are not in the photos. If you want a specific look, be sure to verify which strippers will visit.

At Sarah Ashley, every Female Stripper and Show Girl on our website is current and available.

3. Where can I host my party that is acceptable for your strippers?

You may find the some agencies will not send a single stripper to a home or may require a security guard. Most agencies have an approved list of places where they will send strippers. As a rule, it is better to contact the agency before booking a venue or making other arrangements such as beer deliveries or catering. If the party will be in a limo or on a boat, ask the owner if it is acceptable to host a strip show.

At Sarah Ashley, we cater for all types of events however the comfortability of our entertainers may vary, please contact us for more information so we can let you know which entertainers are available for your chosen venue.

4. Are there gender rules for strippers?

If your party is for a same-sex stripper, the agency should know this. Some strippers may only be willing to work with the same sex, the opposite sex or both. By letting the agency know ahead of time, they will be able to accommodate your request and send a compatible stripper.

At Sarah Ashley we cater for all sexualities and genders, please contact us for more information.

5. Are there gender rules for strippers?

Most agencies provide strippers at any hour of the day or night with an advance reservation. 

There may be date restrictions for some holidays with smaller agencies. Be sure to call as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of a stripper for your chosen date and time. When you hire strippers in advance to come to a hotel room that is not yet booked, be sure to call and update the venue when the room is reserved and after the assigned room number is available.

At Sarah Ashley we cater for all dates and all events, please contact us for more information and a tailored quote.

6. Are there any rules that must be followed?

Agencies typically post their rules on their site. If there are only a few rules, they may state them over the phone or send them in an email. While strippers usually touch customers, you are not supposed to touch the dancers without asking. If you desire touching, ask if that is allowed. Some strippers allow light touching for polite customers during a show. 

If you want an office party, a bachelor party or a birthday party be sure to specify the type of event when you call to ask these questions.

At Sarah Ashley we cater for all events, please contact us for more information and details on entertainment rules.

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