A buck’s party is a night of fun and memorable events that a groom and his best mates will remember for a lifetime. When planning a buck’s party, a common consideration for the person organising it is, ‘should I hire strippers’?

And that is a very good questions to ask. Strippers can bring a whole lot of fun to the event. But before you hire strippers to your Newcastle buck’s night, there are a few things to consider.

Make sure the groom will enjoy it

Check in with the man of the night to find out if this is something he’s keen on. No one’s going to have a great time if the groom is uncomfortable or feels out of place. We want to make sure the man of the hour is having the time of his life and is willing to participate in all of the night’s activities!

Do your budgeting

Our Newcastle strippers and lingerie waitresses work hard to ensure you have the best experience of your life with show-stopping performance and eye-catching lingerie. To enjoy the best services and performances, you want to be able to truly treat yourself, your mates and the groom-to-be. Sarah Ashley has a range of shows available to suit all kinds of budgets, so check in with us to see what fancies your taste.

Figure out the best venue

If you’re hiring strippers, it’s best to get a private hotel or a fancy boat cruise. You want somewhere that has a lot of room for your pals to relax and to properly enjoy the show.

Benefits of having strippers

That being said, strippers at your Newcastle buck’s party can be a great way to take the entertainment level up a notch.

Strippers and performances are great way to let loose and enjoy life for a bit. Spend your night with heart-thumping, eye-opening, jaw-dropping performances that’ll be sure to leave impressions and memories that’ll last a lifetime — or until the next buck’s night.

Sarah Ashley has years of experience and can get you the best strippers in Newcastle, Melbourne or Sydney. Send through an online form to enquiry our price list and find the perfect show or package for your buck’s night party.

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