Just like you, the bachelor party industry and female strippers in Australia have been seriously impacted by quarantine and Covid-19. Bars, Pubs, Strip Clubs were forced to close due to the pandemic safety regulations and many Female Strippers have left the industry because of financial pressure and limited work.

Luckily, at Sarah Ashley we decided to give our female showgirls and bachelor party strippers the opportunity to work with Virtual Strip Shows to keep them in the job and to give you the best entertainment for all occasions, anywhere in the world.

At Sarah Ashley we realised that Strippers, Promo Models, Exotic Dancers and Ladies doing bottle service have been left with no income, almost overnight. It has become very hard for strippers to quarantine, as their business has primarily relied on social interactions at Bachelor Parties in Brisbane and Bachelor Parties in Sydney.

Our Female Strippers love what they do and so we asked them what they have been up to when facing the pandemic-imposed distancing from their amazing clients (you!). They have been adapting to the situation that is continuously changing here in Australia and they are staying focussed on the idea that this nightmare will end very soon.

Sarah Ashley is known for the hottest Female Strippers in Australia and our Australian Showgirls do their best to maintain their health, staying positive during quarantine and making the best of this worldwide issue so they can continue to entertain you.


Work out to stay in shape

Sarah Ashley Female Strippers are loved for their fantastic bodies, after all who does not love sexy curves, a plump butt and perky bouncy boobs? Our Strippers work out in quarantine to stay in shape and maintain their hot stripper bodies for you.

There are many ways to stay fit while stuck at home. Strippers love to dance, so they do dance-challenge videos and some even have their stripper poles at home to maintain those amazing moves and keep their incredible bodies in shape


Create new shows

Now is the best time for our Female Strippers to learn steamy new dance moves or pick up a couple of new lap dance tricks. Our Female Strippers are busy creating new jaw- dropping shows and at Sarah Ashley, we are continuously coming up with new and exciting packages to bring you an experience you will never forget.

Virtual Strip Shows with Sarah Ashley

At Sarah Ashley, we are committed to keeping our incredible Female Strippers in Australia in the job. That is why we have created virtual strip show packages so you can party anywhere in the world, anytime with the female stripper of your choice.

Our Virtual Strip Shows include interactions with strippers on a one-on-one basis whether you are by yourself or with your group of friends. During these virtual parties, things can get pretty hot so be prepared to have your minds blown!

What do you get with a Virtual Strip Show?

Sarah Ashley Virtual Strip Shows include the following:

  • Your choice of Sexy Stripper (or Strippers) to keep you entertained
  • Virtual Lap Dances, Stripper Shows Girl-On-Girl Fantasy Shows
  • Naughty Party Games with playful Sarah Ashley Female Strippers
  • XXX Rated Shows

Over 300 Female Strippers Waiting To Give You The Virtual Strip Show You Have Been Waiting For During Lock-down – Anywhere In The World!

Sarah Ashley is proud to represent over 300 Female Strippers in Australia who are not only naturally beautiful with incredible personalities, but are also experienced in all types of events, professionally trained providing quality entertainment.

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