Who Is Sarah Ashley? 18, Sexy, Sassy and Swingin’ Around Poles In Melbourne.

Who Is Sarah Ashley? “Fresh off the boat” from Canada at the age of 18, Sarah Ashley found a career “swinging around poles” making some extra money as a Female Stripper and Adult Entertainer at well known adult entertainment venue Men’s Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

“I admit, I was not the best stripper! I hated hustling for money and was way too nice to clients. The aim of the game was to rain mens wallets but I was a very shy Canadian girl” says Sarah Ashley.

After a year working the Night Clubs in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah Ashley decided to move on from begging for money to earning a wage as a professional Female Show Girl and Topless Waitress working for various entertainment agents for private parties and pub shows, which lead to relocating to Sydney, Australia for over ten years.

“During a few life changes and having my first child, I returned to Canada lost in my next movements, however I woke up one night with so many thoughts racing through my mind which soon lead to the idea of starting my own Female Strip Show and Talent Agency” says Sarah Ashley.

Sarah Ashley began to look at the adult entertainment industry as a whole. Understanding her competitors and investigating ways to improve the way entertainers could connect with their audiences, reflecting on what she loved and hated about the industry in order to bring her ideas to life; for the adult entertainment industry to embrace a new and improved adult entertainment agency that connects quality entertainers with audiences throughout Australia and the world.

Forever Challenged, But Always Resilient.
Uncovering the Secret Society Behind Closed Doors.

“I would say one of the biggest things is relying on marketing a product that is scrutinised by the public, people who are not part of the industry and have limited knowledge of the adult entertainment world and lifestyle. Everyone loves naked women right? But who wants to admit that they are paying to see it?” says Sarah Ashley.

Uncovering the secret society behind closed doors, Sarah Ashley quickly realised that you are limited to what you can show on social media however platforms like OnlyFans allow entertainers to show their butt holes for $1.00.

For over 10 years, Sarah Ashley trusted her brand and her business to mediocre marketing and digital agencies who failed to deliver and kept her in the dark, she likens this to that of an abused house wife in an abusive relationship not knowing any better. Having fallen over ten steps behind, Sarah Ashley finally engaged the expertise of an agency that understands the industry, that provides complete transparency and overdelivers to ensure the success of her business as it begins a new exciting chapter in adult entertainment.

“In addition to the challenge of digital marketing and limited expertise in the industry, it is no secret that girls who have taken advantage of adult entertainment agents and their connections are continuing to steal jobs, causing agencies to lose out on commission. Many independent entertainers have become selfish, biting the hand that has fed them for years, by taking bookings anywhere they appear even if that puts their health and safety at risk” says Sarah Ashley.

A Savvy Business Chick. 
Mother of 3 Beautiful Children. 

Sarah Ashley, a family woman who is passionate about fine food, roof top bars with amazing views and exploring the night life is no stranger to living a double life, as a Mother to three beautiful children while running one of Australia’s leading adult entertainment agencies and living it large as a socialite of Brisbane Queensland Australia, the face of her self-titled Adult Entertainment Agency ‘Sarah Ashley’ for over 12 years and counting.

“Starting an Adult Entertainment Agency is not like opening a cafe, you can’t follow the guidelines or protocols of “mainstream” you just have to work it out for yourself” says Sarah Ashley.

Working in the sex industry with no regulations or industry standards, Sarah Ashley has embraced the challenges over the past 12 years with the running of Australia’s Leading Adult Entertainment Agency and has used her creative prowess as a Female Entrepreneur from fighting the ever changing restrictions on regulations around Adult Entertainers through to the pandemic challenge of COVID where she lost her whole business, always seeking ways to evolve and become bigger and better then ever before.

“I have combed through my entire company, making updates to ensure that what I have built over the past decade is ready to evolve to the next level, while on an amazing new path of creation and success; especially with the launch Virtual Shows to continue supporting the adult entertainment industry, providing new ways to keep entertainers employed and the world entertained.” says Sarah Ashley.

A True Passion For Entertainment.
A Big Black Dildo Can Make All The Difference.

Sarah Ashley has seen it all and is no stranger to sharing her experiences in the adult entertainment industry, through the eyes of her professional female strippers and show girls who share some of their most entertaining moments.

“One time one of my models was doing a dildo show and a member from the crowd stole a massive floppy black dildo, one of the models bag. He come swinging it like a helicopter over his head and ran right at the buck and smacked him in the mouth. Next thing there was blood everywhere and he had no tooth – poor guy had to get married toothless two days later…” says Sarah Ashley.

Respected For Quality Service.
Pride For Presentation and The Best In Entertainment.

Today, Sarah Ashley is respected as one of Australia’s Premier Adult Entertainment Agents and has fast become a name in the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry as the leading Adult Entertainment Agency providing Australia’s Hottest Female Strippers and Strip Shows throughout Sydney and Queensland with over 300 professional showgirls and strippers.

Clients throughout Australia continue to revere Sarah Ashley as one of the most trusted adult entertainment agencies for delivering quality customer service, impeccable presentation of entertainers and dynamic organisation skills providing timeless female strippers for all types of events and special occasions. 

Sarah Ashley stands out for her investment into her business and her roster of over 300 adult entertainers to ensure only the best experience for any client, for any event, anytime and anywhere in the world.

An Innovative Adult Industry Thought Leader. 
Virtual Strip Shows Down-Under.

Throughout COVID-19, Sarah Ashley saw an opportunity to expand entertainment services and continue to support an industry she loves, while growing her business and entertaining everyone, anywhere at any time. Sarah Ashley On-Demand presents the option for people to book Virtual Strip Shows and Show Packages with over 300 Professional Female Strippers, spanning Topless and Nude Personal Trainers, Chefs, Yoga Instructors and more.

Sarah Ashley says “diversification is the key to ongoing success with any business, so being able to adapt to our new world is how we must survive as small businesses, entrepreneurs and mavericks of the global adult entertainment industry.”

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